Erlands Kops a famous Danish Badminton-player!

Published 13.05.2016

Once in a while when we are looking back we are facing our very first years of our history! Back in the 70th's no one were thinking of fashion - the inventor needed af shoe for playing badminton! It had to be strong, light and with a good rubber outsole which sticked to the floor! And by this concept the first kawasaki shoe was made in Zlin - Chezc Republic back in 1972!
Last year we found - deep in a basement in an old house - a pair of worn out kawasaki Player - well we don't know if they were from 1972 but anyway this pair gave us the idea to make a "look alike"! And even if it sounds easy our designer worked for quiete a while before he found a solution! It started with a new pair of white kawasaki shoes made in Zlin - they were send to Portugal and after several times of washing they looked like that they have been used for many years! The result was perfect and we started up a limited production - each pair with it's own number and followed with a "certificate of Authenticity" . And as a tribute to our very famous Badminton-player Erlands Kops we named the collection after him! Erlands Kops won the All England for many years and a lot of other titles in the Far East.

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