About Us

The history:

Kawasaki footwear was initially created for the badminton courts by two Danish elite badminton players in 1972. The iconic reinforcement on the toe would protect players from breaking out of their shoe tips when pounding towards the net. But ever since the unique Kawasaki original saw the light of day, it has become a hit in many different communities and contexts. For instance, in the 80s it was the preferred shoe for roofers (a roofer: a person who constructs and/or repair roofs) due to the light weight and grippy non-slip rubber soles that are ideal for keeping worker's feet thoroughly planted on the inclining roof tops.

Later on it became a very popular indoor soccer shoe. Rumour has it, that the legendary soccer player Michael Laudrup once told a nationwide Danish newspaper, that the Kawasaki shoe was his absolute favourite shoe for indoor soccer. And as soon as the fashion industry fell in love with it, the range grew and the original Kawasaki style became available in all colours of the rainbow.


The spirit:

Throughout history Kawasaki aficionados have kept reinventing the purpose of the iconic shoe design reaching a large diversity of consumers. Therefore, embracing and celebrating diversity is at the core of our brand. We salute free-spirited people of all ages who enjoy a colourful and unpretentious lifestyle in a fusion between being trendy and casually comfortable. Our collection is always created with fun-loving individualists in mind. A blend of basic commercial favourites and bold colours and prints as well as fashionable materials and details secures a wide range of choices when you create your own unique style story.